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Castle Hex Nuts

Castle Hex Nuts

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 Brass Castle Hex Nuts Details :


Castle Hex Nuts
Materials Include : 18-8 ss, 316 ss, 400 series ss, Brass, Silicone Bronze, Monel, Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Aluminum.
Finishes Include : Zinc, Cadmium, Nickel Silver & Chrome Plating, Black Oxide, Anodize, Passivation and Heat Treating.
Castle Nuts are similar to a slotted nut with the following exception: the slots are cut into cylindrical portion that is equal in length to the slot depth and slightly smaller in diameter than the hex width.

The slots are for the insertion of a cotter pin to secure the nut when used with s drilled shank fastener. The slotted and castle styles are both interchangeable with the slotted design now the preferred style.

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