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 Brass Earthing Clamps Details :

  Special Features 
  Available in TWO terminal sizes : A-D for conductors of 2.5 mm2 - 10 MM2 & A-E for conductors of 2.5 MM2-16 MM 2 A-E being identified by its BLUE label.
Designed & manufactured under strict and approved quality control procedures, adhering to BS 951 standards.

Available in TWO colour types : RED for non corrosive dry atmosphere & BLUE for corrosive or humid conditions.
Easily adapted to conductor sizes upto 50 MM2 by using one of the three cable sockets.

Available in THREE standard band lengths to suit pipe diaineters of : 12mm - 32mm, 32mm - 5Omm, 5Omm - 75mm.

Larger bands available on specific orders (please specify pipe diameter).

ET14 ET15 ET16 Clamp for pipe Dia. 12mm - 32mm 20 500
ET14/2 ET15/2 ET16/2 Clamp for pipe Dia. 32mm - 50mm 20 500
ET14/3 ET15/3 ET16/3 Clamp for pipe Dia. 12mm - 32mm 20 500
  Colour Coding
  From purchase to installation to inspection of APPLE EARTHING CLAMPS, we have colour coded our whole range. The ET14 STIRRUP is colour coded RED & is manufactured from BRASS and is only suitable for clean dry atmospheric conditions. The ET15 & ET16 STIRRUPS are colour coded BLUE & are manufactured from PHOSPHOR BRONZE and are suitable for all environments. The ETI4 & ET15 have ANODIZED ALUMINIUM labels indicating terminaI sizes A to D (2.5mm- 16mm conductors)
ET14 SERIES 2.5mm2 X 10mm2 RED
ET15 SERIES 2.5mm2 X 10mm2 BLUE
ET16 SERIES 2.5mm2 X 16mm2 BLUE

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