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Electrical Fitting Components

Electrical Fitting Components
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Electrical Components

Electrical Fitting Components Brass Neutral Links Test Bonds
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We also manufacture wiring accessories as per customer specifications.

Our products range in brass electrical accessories include following :
     Wiring Accessories  
     Earthing Accessories  
   HRC Fuse Connectors  
   Insert For PVC Moulding Parts and Conduit Fittings  
   Neutral Links and Terminal Blocks  
   Electrical Switch Parts  
   General Brass Electrical Accessories  
   Panel Board Accessories  
Our products range in earthing equipment include following :
       Rod to Tape Clamp
       Test Clamp
       Oblong Test Clamp
Square Tape Clamp
DC Tape Clip
Tee Clamp
Rod to Tape Coupling
Our products range in electrical switch parts include following :
       (1) 5 Amp Two Pin Socket with Spring
       (2) 5 Amp Two Pin Socket Heavy Type
       (3) 5 X 5 Amp Universal Combine Socket
       (4) 5 Amp Earthing Socket with Spring
       (5) 10 Amp Live Part Socket
       (6) 15 Amp Earthing Socket
       (7) 5 X 15 Amp Universal Combine Socket
       (8) 10 X 15 Amp Universal Combine Socket
       (9) Moulding Inserts
(10) 6 Amp Riveting TC Piller
(11) 16 Amp Riveting TC Piller
(12) Riveting Piller
(13) 16 Amp Side Part
(14) 16 Amp Center Part
(15) 32 Amp Side Part
(16) 32 Amp Center Part
(17) 5 Amp Top Pin with Spring
(18) Ceiling Rose
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