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BI-Metallic Copper Terminals


BI-Metallic Copper Terminals

BI-Metallic Copper Terminals
Aluminum Copper Terminals
Bi-metal Terminals Copper Lugs

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BI-Metallic Copper Terminals Detail :

  Features :
  full Range of BI-Metal Lugs for most Applications. They are friction welded from the high quality aluminum (99.9%) and copper (99.9%). The Aluminium Barrels are Chemically treated to reduce contact resistance and corrosion . The barrels are filled with jointing compound and capped. They should be crimped using standard Aluminum dies. The range include standard stud holes, or user specified holes can be punched in blank palms. BI-Metal link and Connectors are also provided on request.
  Gland Size :
  25 mm2 to 800 mm2

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