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Product Guide


Wiring Accessorie

 Cable Glands Systems
BW Type Cable Glands
     CW Type Cable Glands
     Marine Cable Gland 
     Alco Cable Gland
     TRS Cable Gland
     Wiping Gland
     PG Cable Glands 
     E1W Industrial Cable Glands
     A1/A2 Industrial Cable Glands


 Wiring Accessories

 Cable Glands accessories
Earthing Tag
       Split bolt
   Test Bond
       Lock Nut
       Blank Plug
       PG to Matric
       Screw Coupling
       SS Cable Ties

 Brass Fasteners & Fixtures

 Turned and Pressed Parts

      Brass Fasteners Bolts
    Brass  Fasteners Inserts
    Brass Fasteners Anchors
    Brass Fasteners Washers
    Brass Fasteners Screws
    Brass Fasteners Nuts
      Brass Pressed Parts
Brass Turned Parts

    Brass Copper Washers   
    Aluminium Turned Components

    Sheet Metal Components Parts
    Brass Copper Pressed Work Parts
    Brass Washers Pressed Parts

 Hose Fittings

 Pipe Fittings

     Hose Nipple
     Brass Nut
     Brass Nut & Nipple
     Hose Male
     Male Hose Long
     Stand Pipe
     Compression Parts
     Compression Sleeve
    Hex Head Plug
    Reducing Hex Bush
    Hex Adaptor
    Round Long Nipple
    Hex Nipple
    Close Nipple
    Square Head Plug

 Earthing Equipments

 Electrical Fitting Components

  Earthing Clamps
  Earthing Plates
  Earthing Accessories
  Earthing Rods
  Solid Copper Earth Rods
Swaged Earth Rods
Copper Bonded Earth Rods
    Brass Neutral Links
   Test Bonds
   Socket Pins
   Panel Board Accessories
    Electrical Switch Parts
HRC Fuse Connectors
     Insert For PVC Moulding Parts and Conduit
 Electrical General Components

 Stainless Steel Fittings

 Stainless Steel Fittings

     Stainless Steel Parts
   Stainless Steel Flanges

   Stainless Steel Springs
   Stainless Steel Castings
   Stainless Steel Components
   Stainless Steel Turned Parts
   Stainless Steel Screws

   Stainless Steel Fitting
   Stainless Steel Hex Nuts
   Stainless Steel Fasteners
     Stainless Steel Foundries
   Stainless Steel Hose Barbs
   Stainless Steel hose Fittings
   Brass Hooks Stainless Steel Hooks
   Stainless Steel Forgings Stampings
   Stainless Steel Compression Fittings
   Stainless Steel Fittings Components Parts
   Stainless Steel Lost Wax investment            Casting

 Brass Building Hardware

 Silicon Bronze Fasteners

 Brass Hinges :
Parliament Hinges
Butt Hinges 
Bearing Hinges Dome
Reflect Hinges Dome
   H - Hinges
   Bearing Hinges
Railway Hinges
Reflect Hinges
Spring Hinges
L-Type Bearing Hinges

 Brass Tower Bolts  :
   Brass Round Tower Bolts
Brass Half-Round Tower Bolts
Brass Squares Tower Bolts
Brass Plain Tower Bolts
Brass Hex Tower Bolts
Brass Flower Tower Bolts
Brass Antique Tower Bolts
Brass Triangle Tower Bolts
Brass V Hex Tower Bolts

 Brass Door Handles :
Brass Door Handles

  Silicon Bronze Bolts :
Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolts
   Silicon Bronze Fin Neck Flat Head Machine             Bolts
   Silicon Bronze Hex Head Cap Screws
   Silicon Bronze Hex Head Lag Bolts
Silicon Bronze Hex Head Machine Bolts
   Silicon Bronze Slotted Flat Head Machine                    Bolts
   Silicon Bronze Slotted Oval Head Strut Bolts
 Silicon Bronze Nuts :
Hex Silicon Bronze Heavy Nuts
Hex Silicon Bronze Nuts
Silicon Bronze Pm Nuts
Silicon Bronze Wing Nuts
Silicon Bronze Rod :
Silicon Bronze Rod Unthreaded 6' Lengths
Silicon Bronze Threaded Rod 6' Lenghts
Silicon Bronze Screws :
   Silicon Bronze Machine Screws
   Silicon Bronze Wood Screws
Socket Head Silicon Bronze Cap Screws
 Silicon Bronze Washers :

   Flat Silicon Bronze Fender Washers
Flat Silicon Bronze Washers
Silicon Bronze Lock Washers

 Brass Auto Products

 Copper Cable Lugs

 Brass Plug Pin Switches :
PVC Pin Socket 12V/20A
PVC Pin Plug 12V/20A
Push Pull Switch
Pre-Wined Pin Socket Single
Metal Pin Plug 12V/20A

Brass Battery Terminals Connectors:
Brass Forged Battery Terminal
Brass Machine Made Battery Terminal

 Brass Battery Charging Clip
Battery Charging Clip
  Aluminium Long Barrel Lugs
  Aluminium Ling Barrel through Connectors
  Crimping Tinned Copper Cable Lugs
  Crimping Tinned Copper Inline Connectors
  Soldering Tinned Copper Tubular Cable Lugs
  Soldering Tinned Copper Weak Back       Ferrulles
Tinned Copper Connectors with solid        barriers
  inned Copper End Sealing Ferrulle
  Tinned Copper Transformer Terminal Ends       Tinned Copper Two Hole Extended Palm        Terminal
  Uninsulated & Insulated Terminal Ends

New Product (November December 2006)

 Brass Inserts

 Brass Anchors

  Brass Round Knurled Inserts
Brass Hexagonal Inserts
Brass Square Inserts
Brass Molding Inserts
Molding Inserts
Brass Straight Knurled Molding Inserts
Brass Press Lock Type Inserts
Self Tapping Brass Inserts
Knurling Inserts
CPVC Molding Inserts
UPVC Molding Inserts
Brass Plastic Threaded  Inserts
Wood Inserts
Helical Knurled Inserts
Brass Cross Knurled Inserts
  Brass Drop Anchor
Brass Pool Anchor
 Brass Sleeve Anchors
 Brass Knurling Anchors
 Brass Slotted Anchors
 Brass Concrete Anchors
 Brass Wood Anchors
 Brass Round Stud Anchor

  Brass Screws

  Brass Chicago Grub Screws
Brass Machine Screws
Stainless Steel Cap Screw for Socket
Brass Wood Screws
Brass Fastener Screws

 Lock Washers

 Brass Nuts

   Anti vibration lock washer
 Fan Disc Lock Washers
Helical Spring Lock Washers
Locking Washers
Grinding Washers 
Belivelly Spring Washers
Machined Washers
Plain Washers
Shims Washers
Circlips Washers
   Brass Knurling Nuts
Brass Hex Nuts
 Brass Round Nuts
 Brass Wing Nuts
 Brass Square Nuts

 Fasteners and Fixtures

  Brass Earthing Accessories

  Industrial Fasteners
Metric Fasteners
Aluminum Fasteners
Automotive Fasteners
  Lightning Protection Systems
  Air Terminal Base
Taper Pointed Air Rods
Multiple Earth Point
Brass Line Taps Split Bolts
Driving Stud
   Brass Couplers
Oblong Test Clamps
Earthing Clamps
Square Tape Clamps
Rod to Cable Clamps
DC Tape Clips
Rod to Lug Clamps
Tee Clamps
Rod to Tape Coupling
Copper Ground Clamps

New Product (January February 2007)

 Grounding Clamps

  Grounding Clamps

   Earthing Grounding Rods
Brass Gun Metal Earth Clamps
  Galvanized Steel Earth Rods
Square Clamps

 Brass & Copper Electrical Accessories

 Metal Casting

   Copper Bronze Bolted Lugs
Brass Electronic Connector
Galvanized Conduit Fittings
Pre-Insulated Copper Terminal
Brass Pin Electrical Plugs

   BI-Metallic Copper Terminals
Cast Stamped Lugs
Non Ferrous Brass Copper Foundries
Metal Components
Brass Buckles Brass Clips
Brass Castings
Aluminum Casting Aluminum Casting

 Brass General Copper Parts

 General Engineering Parts

   Wire Cutters Bolt Cutters
Brass Hot Stamped Components
Copper Fittings
Brass Grease Nipples
Brass Crome Plated Chain
Brass Lamp Components
  Helical Springs
Rubber Washers & Grommets
Aluminum Forgings Stampings

New Product (MARCH-APRIL 2007)

 Cable Glands Systems

 BWL Heavy Duty Cable Gland
 BXL  Cable Gland

  Cable Glands Systems

 CX Cable Gland
 CZ Cable Gland


 Brass Earthing Accessories

 Plate Type Test Clamp
 Water Pipe Hub Clamp 
 Glanging Bar Holdfast
 Square Conductor Clamp
 Rod Bracket
 Heavy Duty Cast Saddle
 Rod To Cable Clamp GUV
 Split Bolt

  Brass Earthing Accessories

 Rod to Tape Clamp 'A' Type
 "U" Bolt Rod Clamp
 Ridge Saddle
 Rod to Cable Clamp Heavy
 Water Pipe Clamp

 Copper Cable Lugs

 Copper Cable Lugs

 Cable Lugs - Bell Mouthed
 Cable Lugs - Din 46235
 Cable Lugs - N-Series
 Cable Lugs - Standard Barrel
 Cable Lugs - Bi Metallic
 Cable Lugs - Narrow Palm
 Cable Lugs - Sealed Palm
 Cable Lugs for Transformer

 Brass Sanitary Parts

 Brass Sanitary Parts

 Double Nipple
 Extension Piece
 Extension Reducer
 Hex Unequal Nipple
 3 - Pcs Connector
 Brass Tee
 Brass Elbow
 Spacer Nipple

New Product (MAy-june 2007)

 Brass Rivets

 Brass Rivets

 Bifurcated Rivets
 Hollow Rivet
 Solid Rivet
 Blind Rivet
 Semi Tabular Rivet
 Tabular Rivet

New Product (July-August 2007)

 Pipe Brackets

 Pipe Brackets

 Munsen Ring
 Brass SB Clips
 Back Plate
 Pressed Clip
 Malleable Clip
 Brass Single Ring

New Product (SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2007)

 Bronze Fittings
 Bronze Fittings
 Bronze Tee
 Male Female Elbow
 Bronze Plug
 Bronze Cross
 Brass Flare Fittings
 Brass PPR Fittings
  Brass Flare Caps
  Brass Flare Plugs
  Brass Flare Unions
  Brass Flare Tees
  Brass Flare Nuts
  Brass PPR Male Inserts
  Brass PPR Female Inserts
  Brass PPR Valve
  Brass PPR Ball Valve
  Brass PPR Plug

New Product (NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2007)

Lighting Accessories
 Lighting Accessories
 Cable Test Clamp
 Rod Couplers
 Flat Saddle
Pipe Fittings
Pipe Fittings
 Street Elbow
 Pipe Cap
 Run Male Pipe Tee
 Branch Male Pipe Tee
 Pipe Coupling
   Reducing Coupling

New Product (January - December 2008)

 Brass Lamp Parts

 Brass Lamp Parts

 Lamp Cups
 Lamp Shades
 Slip Rings
 Pipe Flanges
 Stamped Risers
 Lamp Bodies

New Product (January - June 2009)


 Galvanized and Conduit Fittings
 Galvanized and Conduit Fittings
Inspection Bend
Inspection Tee
Inspection Elbow
Solid Bend
Solid Elbow
Circular conduit box cover
Half Saddle
Bar Saddle
Hospital Saddle
Locknuts - Hexagon
Lockrings - Round Milled Edge
Flexible steel Conduit
Male Bush - Hexagon Head (long)
Male Bush - Hexagon Head (short)
Female Bush - Circular, shallow type
Y Three Ways
Extension Ring
Dome Cover (Screwed)
Male Hooks
Galvanized Crumpets
Pressed Conduit Boxes
Die Cast Dome Covers
Flexible Adaptor
Plugs - Brass Slotted
Plugs - Hexagon Head
PVC Coated Flexible Conduits
End Fitting Flexible Conduits (PG Glands)
End Fittings Flexible Hoses and PVC Pipes

New Product (July - December 2009)

Brass Flange Nuts
Hex Jam Nut Brass
Machine Screw Brass Nuts
Nylon Insert Locknuts
Coupling Hex Nuts
Brass Cap Nut
Brass Wing Nuts
Weld Nut
Eye Coupling Nuts
Castle Hex Nuts
MS and Rounded Nuts
Brass Slotted Hex Nuts
Heavy Hex Jam Nuts
Galvanized Flat Washers
Galvanized Dock Washers
Brass Finish Washers
Metric SS Lock Washers
Internal Tooth Washers
Brass Flat Washers
Silicon Bronze Flat Washers
Silicon Bronze Lock Washers
Hi-Collar Lock Washers
External Tooth Washers

New Product (2010)

Brass Bronze Gunmetal
Brass Bronze Gunmetal
Brass Earth Point
Bronze Stem Nut
Brass Eye Bolt
Square Conductor Clamp
Brass RWP Bond
Brass Straight Cable Lug
Ball Valve
Ball Valve
Brass Ball Valves
Brass Drain and Cock Valve
Drain Cock External Seat Valve
Forged Steel Ball Valve
Floating Ball Valve
One Piece Thread Ball Valve
Two Piece Thread Ball Valve
Three Piece Thread Ball Valve

New Product (2011)

Brass Compression Fittings
Brass Compression Fittings
Compression Nuts

Compression Nuts

Compression Tees Compression Tees
Compression Elbows Compression Elbows
Brass Male Female Elbow Brass Male Female Elbow
Brass Olive Tee Male Brass Olive Tee Male
Four Way male connectors Four Way male connectors
Brass Olive Nuts Brass Olive Nuts
Male Branch Tee Male Branch Tee
Compression Sleeves

Compression Sleeves

Compression Unions Compression Unions
Compression Adaptors Compression Adaptors
Brass Male Elbows Brass Male Elbows
Olive Elbow Assembly Olive Elbow Assembly
Compression Connectors Compression Connectors
Brass Hex Plug Brass Hex Plug
Brass Inserts For Soft Tubing Brass Inserts For Soft Tubing
Brass Accessories
Brass Accessories
  Brass Square Clamps
  Brass D.C. Tape Clips
  Brass Tape Clips
  Brass Bush
  Brass Adaptors
  Brass Connectors
  Brass Couplers
  CW Brass Cable Gland
  A2 Brass Cable Gland
  BW Brass Cable Gland
  Brass Earth Rod Clamps
  Brass Earth Links

New Product (2012)

Brass Forged Fittings
Brass Forged Fittings

Forged Female Elbow

Forged Female Street Run Tee
Forged Female Tee
Forged Female Cross
Forged Street Elbow
Brass Forged Nuts
Conduit Fittings
Conduit Fittings
  Lock Nut - Hexagonal - Nut Hex
  Lock Ring-Milled Edge Nut Round
  Spacer Bar Saddle
  Plain Saddle - Steel Clamps
  Hospital Saddle (Distance Saddle)
  Switch & Socket Box
  Box Lid Cover-Recessed
  Box Lid Cover-Flat
  Insert Clips Conduit Fittings
  Adaptor Conduit Fittings
  Hex Stop End
  Half Saddle
  Flat Crampet
  Nipple Conduit Fittings
  Dome Cover
  Looping Box
  Normal Bend
  Reducer Conduit Fittings
  Circular Box
  Elbow Inspection
  Tee Inspection
  Male Hook Conduit Fittings
  Earth Rod Conduit Fittings
  Hook Cover Conduit Fittings
  Serrated Washers
  Steel Adaptable Box
  Grommet Super Grommet
  Mounting Channel
  Gasket Conduit Fittings
  Extension Ring
  Insert Clips
  Coupler Conduit Fittings
  Flange Coupler
Stainless Steel Conduit Fittings
Stainless Steel Conduit Fittings
  Hex Stop End Plug
  Lock Nut Conduit
  Male Bush
  Female Bush
  Serrated Washers Copper
  Nipple Conduit Fittings
  Flange Coupler Conduit Fitting
  Reducer Conduit Fitting
  Tinned Copper Cable Lugs
  Copper Cable Lugs (Bell Mouth)
  Ferules Splices (In Line Connector)
Rubber Products
Rubber Products
  Silicon Rubber Products
  Rubber Moulded Articles
  Rubber Bushes Grommets
  Rubber Bellows Diaphragm
  PG Plastic PVC Products
  Hydraulic And Pneumatic Seal Kits
  Hydraulic And Pneumatic O Rings
  Hot Line Clamps
  Ground Clamps - Pipe
  Parallel Groove Clamps
  Vice Clamps
  Grounding Connectors
  Transformer Connectors
  Aluminium Connectors
  Transformer Spades Connectors

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