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If you require fine quality Brass Precision Turned Parts, then you are at the right spot. We are tagged as one of the finest Precision Turned Part Manufacturers and Brass Turned Components Suppliers. We offer quality brass turned parts, which are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions to deliver the best in the market. Our precisely controlled ultra modern machinery delivers parts, which are truly flawless. Our brass precision turned parts are manufactured as per the required specifications of customers. Our premium quality parts are easily available at the most competitive prices of the market.

Standard Specification Followed :

BS 4183
BS 3643
BS 93
IS 1367/366

Material of Construction :
In Case Of Turned Machine Bolts

In Case Of Turned Machine Bolts
Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I)
Free Cutting Brass as Per BS 249 Type (I)
High Grade Free Cutting Brass or Any Special Brass Material as per Customers’ requirements


We also manufacturer of Brass Turned Parts, Brass Sanitary Parts, Brass Sprinkler Irrigation Parts, Brass Electrical Parts, Brass Fuse Parts, Brass Plug Pin Parts, CNC Machine Parts, Brass Nickel Parts, Brass Earthing Parts, Brass Pressed Parts, Brass Screw Machine Parts, Brass Sheet Metal Parts.

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