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 Alco Cable Gland Marine Cable Gland

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Cable Glands Systems

   BW Type Cable Glands
   CW Type Cable Glands
   Marine Cable Gland 
   Alco Cable Gland
   TRS Cable Gland
   Wiping Gland
   PG Cable Glands 
   E1W Industrial Cable Glands
   A1/A2 Industrial Cable Glands

Ipac Cable Glands
IP 68 Brass Cable Glands
   Brass Lock Nuts & Stopping Plugs
   Cable Glands & Adaptors
Brass Reducer & Enlargements
Conduit Cable Glands

Cable Glands accessories

    Earthing Tag
     Split bolt
  Test Bond
      Lock Nut
      Blank Plug
      PG to Matric
Screw Coupling
      SS Cable Ties

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New Products

 Cable Lugs New Products (March - April 2007):
Cable Glands Systems
 BWL Heavy Duty Cable Gland  CX Cable Gland
 BXL  Cable Gland  CZ Cable Gland

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